Eco Homes: Slice House by Studio ST Architects boasts energy-saving credentials

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Eco Factor: Home minimizes energy consumption by maximizing passive solar techniques.

We all want to lower our monthly energy expenditures, but considering the cost of renewable energy systems, lowering your monthly utility bills might be an expensive deal initially. Studio ST Architects has designed a Zero Energy Home dubbed the Slice House that carries all the systems that can help you save energy.

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The Slice House is an extruded box from which slices were cut to reduce the square footage and create an intelligent and beautiful house. The Slice House is a comfortable family home of 25’X100’ with a footprint of 16’X50’.

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The Slice House is a carefully though out sustainable home that will reduce the amount of energy consumed by its owners. The house is built on a concrete base that acts as a thermal mass to retain the energy of the sun during the day and emit it slowly after sunset to keep the interiors warm.

Another solar technique involved in the design is the careful integration of the overhang that allows the winter sun to warm the interiors, while blocking it during the hot summer months to prevent any unwanted heating. To even reduce the amount of grid electricity consumed by the house, a photovoltaic array can also be integrated at an additional cost of about $10K.

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