Eco Homes: Beehive Homes – Historic homes with a bright future

beehive homes syria

Eco Factor: Homes made from natural materials require no air conditioning.

Technology might have provided us with the latest in cooling systems that can allow us to stand the heat of the desert sun without sweating. However, like most electronic products, our beloved air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity, which shows some effect on our electricity bills and the environment. Industrial designers are working on possible uses of solar energy to keep our homes cool, there were times when people didn’t have modern technology at their disposal but still managed to keep their homes cool.

Examples of such homes are still seen in Syria where they are referred to as the Beehive Homes. These traditional homes are made using natural materials that offer a great defense against the forces of nature. The thick mud brick walls trap the cool air and keep the sun out. The high domes of these homes collect the hot air that is generated by the inhabitants and keep the interior temperatures conditioned between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the world looking for low-emission and preferably zero-emission homes, history is a good guide, using which one can understand the art of living comfortably without having any impact on the environment. Adding sophisticated green technology to these homes such as the use of solar panels for electricity and water, one can definitely better his living style without spending millions of dollars.

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