Eco Gadgets: Watermill sucks fresh water out of air

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EcoFactor: Device generates fresh drinking water from air.

With the reserves of fresh water going extinct, gadget designers are now focused on finding new ways to generate fresh drinking water indoors. Element Four seems to get a possible solution to this problem with which they will be able to deliver fresh water that has been sucked out from thin air.

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Dubbed the WaterMill, the device generates and then filters water so that what comes out of this device is fit for consumption. The company promises that their device will be able to generate about 3.2 gallons of fresh drinking water a day in ideal conditions that should be enough for a family of six. According to the company, the device operates at a cost of just 11 cents per gallon, which seems pretty good considering the amount you would spend to get the same quantity of bottled water.

The Dark Side:

The device has left us spellbound and we don’t think anybody would raise a frown for this amazing little gadget that gives us fresh drinking water each day, and that too without even spending a dollar for it.

Via: Inhabitat