Eco Gadgets: Water saving toilet makes fish stare at you while you do your job

fish tank Uwxpn 69

Eco Factor: Water saving toilet comes with fish in the tank.

Researchers say that staring at fish for a couple of minutes each day can keep your blood pressure normal. If you are a pet lover and don’t have space for an aquarium, then this amazing fish tank is made just for you. A Chinese company has developed a toilet that comes with an integrated fish tank.

The toilet comes with three tanks – one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out and a third for fish and other underwater plants. This design makes sure that you don’t lose some of the fish in the tank every time you use the toilet. The company also claims that the integration of a fish tank reduces the amount of water that flushes down.

The company has also incorporated an LED device inside the fish tank that eliminates the use of bathroom lighting, which cuts down on electricity bills. The toilets have been displayed at a building material market in Shanghai.

The Dark Side:

A reduced flush size will only mean that people will use it twice if some water pressure enhancers are not placed in the flush. Moreover, LED lighting will never be sufficient enough to light up a room.

Via: Telegraph