Eco Gadgets: Task Light keeps your walk illuminated, detects scorpions

task light carly hagins 1

Eco Factor: Ecofriendly flashlight runs on solar energy.

Getting really close to nature comes with an added threat of coming closer to wildlife as well. Be it snakes or scorpions, these poisonous reptiles have always kept researchers and nature-loving campers away from the true realities of the ecosystem. Snakes aren’t difficult to find out in a desert or elsewhere, but it’s the scorpions that aren’t that easily seen, especially if you have chosen the darkness of the night as the best defense against the harsh summer sun.

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Industrial designer Carly Hagins has found out a way to keep your walk into the desert or the jungle illuminated and safe. Carly has designed a flashlight dubbed Tonto that comes with two LED types – white LEDs to illuminate the way and UV LEDs to make scorpions glow in the dark.

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The device runs on the energy generated during the day by the solar panels, which is then stored in an onboard battery. After dark the user can toggle between the two options that turn on either of the LEDs. With a quick-release buckle, the flashlight can easily be attached to a backpack and its plastic construction makes its rugged and practically unbreakable.

Thanks: [Carly Hagins]