Eco Gadgets: Solar Fan keeps you cool on solar energy

solar fan 1

Eco Factor: Solar-powered portable fan for home or office use.

Using solar energy for portable devices not just makes you green but also keeps you away from the mess cables lead to. Having a portable fan at the right place might look easy but a wired fan needs a perfectly positioned wall socket, which ruins the aesthetics of your home or your car. Stuart James Sharples has shared his latest creation with us, which can keep you cool on solar energy.

solar fan 1

The Solar Fan is a personal fan for use in the office, car or home that is powered entirely by the sun. The four suction cups allow you to stick the fan to any window and the tilting solar panel means you can adjust the angle for optimum efficiency. The neck of the fan can be tilted and rotated to ensure that the breeze is directed toward you.

solar fan 2

Thanks: [Stuart James Sharples]

  1. This solar fan is exactly what i have been looking for. I need a fan to keep the air moving around inside my car with the windows rolled down about an inch. This will stop a build up of heat inside. I have items inside during the day that need a tolerable temperature. Where can i get one and how much. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  2. very cool looking product. wish there were more items like this on the market. most solar powered fans I’ve come across look like cheap junk that someone soldered together from spare parts in their garage in less than an hour. i would love to find something like this only slightly different for camping, i like to go tent camping in the summer, but get temps around 110F with 90% humidity. even at night it stays at around 80F which can make sleeping in a sleeping bag extremely uncomfy. it would be great to find a 12″ solar charging fan that can put out decent air for 6-8 hours, and could also be attached to the roof of a tent.

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