Eco Gadgets: Rea lamp illuminates the need to recycle plastic bottles

rea 1

Eco Factor: Light installation lamp made from recycled plastic bottles.

We all are aware of the hazardous effects plastic has on the ecosystem once it’s trashed after use. Being aware is one side of the coin and thinking of possible ways to reduce the threat is another and probably a more helpful side. Product designer Paulina Rozalia Wiklo is on the other side of the coin with a stunning piece of lighting system she calls the Rea.

rea 2

The Rea is a light installation lamp, which comes with 69 bulbs housed in casings recycled from old plastic bottles. The spine of the lamp too comes from recycled plastic material. Since the system is made from trash and junk, the Rea Lamp should cost much less than other green lamps available on the market today.

Via: CreativeHub