Eco Gadgets: POWA – Wash your car and power it too with hydroelectricity

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Eco Factor: Electricity generator uses water power to energize your electric vehicle.

Our much loved vehicles need a regular splash of water to keep them clean and shiny. If designer Gregoire Vandenbussche is to be believed then while cleaning up your electric car you can also recharge its batteries using nothing other than the energy of water in the hosepipe.

The device envisioned by Vandenbussche is called the POWA Water Generator and is actually is a small turbine that is placed in between the hosepipe. As water rushes through the pipe it turns the blades of the small turbine that then generate electricity which can directly be fed into the car, eventually cutting down your electricity bills.

The Dark Side:

Washing a car takes us huge amounts of water, which might not be considered an eco-affair at all. The device would be more suitable for a potential user who harvests rainwater and then uses it to clean the car.

Via: Greg-Garden