Eco Gadgets: Panasonic’s new recycling system converts organic waste into garden-friendly compost


Eco Factor: Organic waste recycling system.

Getting rid of all those food scraps after a party is messy and worse if the waste is left out for a day or two. Panasonic has developed a new recycler device, which can put an end to the mess and produce protein-rich compost for your garden. Dubbed the RISAIKURA MS-N53, the recycler relies on a special platinum-palladium catalyst that breaks down up to 2kg of organic waste into compost with the help of some heat.

Panasonic claims that the compost is far better than store-bought fertilizer, and the system also gives users an option to choose the kind of compost they want according to the time the waste is processed in the system. For more protein-rich compost, which is great for small plants, the recycler has to be used for three hours and for long-term fertilization, which is great for trees, the machine has to be used for a six hours.

The Dark Side:

Apart from a high price tag of $881, the system’s capacity of just 2kg would set things down for Panasonic.

Via: SlipperyBrick