Eco Gadgets: Oxygen of Green – Nature furniture for fresh indoor air

oxygen of green1

Eco Factor: Indoor furniture equipped with air plants for air purification.

The rise in outdoor pollution has made health conscious homeowners make use of the hi-tech air purification systems that are good for their own health, but not actually so good for the environment, especially because of the amount of energy they consume to keep the air inside your house clean.

oxygen of green2

When it comes to air purification, nothing beats nature, and industrial designer Mingling Wang has tried to bring nature inside your house to provide fresh air to the inhabitants. The Oxygen of Green indoor furniture concept is designed by combining air plants with a living room table.

oxygen of green3

The system produces a decent amount of oxygen, especially after dark and does that at the place where it’s most needed – the center-section of the house. Air Plants (Tillandsias) grow without soil, since water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves and absorb CO2 from the air and produce oxygen in the night time.

Thanks: [Mingling Wang]