Eco Gadgets: No-soap eco friendly washing machine takes just a minute to clean clothes

washing machine 1 6gYKd 69 Eco Factor: High-tech, ecofriendly washing machine cleans clothes without any soap. Korean designers Jung Hyun Cho and Bo Ram have designed a washing machine that needs just a minute to give you nice clean clothes. What’s more innovative is that the machine does not make use of any soap or any detergent for cleaning clothes — that means you can simply wash your clothes and use the gray water in your garden. washing machine 2 EFiy7 69 The machine, which is inspired from the human intestines, washes clothes in a cycle just like a relay race. The machine runs on water changed by electronic decomposition, breaks down protein, uses high water pressure for cleaning clothes, and finally disinfects them with an ultraviolet sterilizer. The machine is so fast that it completes all these processes in just a minute and uses vacuum suction for eliminating water. washing machine 3 ane9l 69 The Dark Side: Since the machine runs for just a minute it will be a good enough energy saver, but since it relies on high water pressure, it might just need more water than what traditional machines use. Via: DesignBoom