Eco Gadgets: Music students build recycled, solar-powered pipe organ

Eco Factor: Students at Pasadena Memorial High School build pipe organ made from recycled materials.

Music students at the Pasadena Memorial High School have shown that apart from their skills in music they are proficient enough to show their skills in Physics too. The students have created a pipe organ that of course doesn’t look like a traditional pipe organ, since it’s made from recycled materials and runs on the energy of the sun.

The organ is created with bulletproof Plexiglas and resembles a desktop computer. The organ is made from pieces of old organs and normal wires from a computer system. The students who developed the organ believe that it sounds just like a conventional pipe organ, but just because of what it looks like, it should not be confused with one. For now the organ is not having any pipes attached to it, but these students are considering recycled glass coke bottles and bamboo for the same.

The Dark Side:

A pipe organ is more of a religious instrument than a system capable of producing music. Though the hard work done by the team of students is highly commendable, we still feel that there are certain things that should be left to their original form.

Via: ABClocal