Eco Gadgets: Multipurpose LED lamp gets power from the sun

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Eco Factor: Portable LED lamp with solar panels.

If you are a camping lover or if you want some extra illumination on your computer desk at night without bothering your wife sleeping by your side, then this foldable LED lamp is made just for you. This foldable lamp, which can be used as an outdoor camping light too, comes with solar panels, which recharge during the day and save all the energy harnessed in Ni-Cd batteries that power it once night falls.

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The 4 LEDs inside the lamp will provide you a brightness of about 20,000 MCD and will have a life of about 30,000 hours, which could be enough for the product’s lifetime, considering its cheap-looking plastic body. Though the brightness won’t anywhere be near to an energy-efficient CFL, it’s still a cool product to tickle your eco-senses.

The Dark Side:

Keeping a lamp in the sun during daytime can be a tedious task for some. Moreover, we did expect something better than a plastic body, since the body itself would have taken a huge amount of energy to be manufactured.

Via: ChinaVasion