Eco Gadgets: Green Badge charges your cellphone, lets you flaunt your green lifestyle

green badge 1

Eco Factor: Solar energy harvesting concept charger for mobile devices.

The Mobile World Congress saw the launch of a variety of ecofriendly cellphones, which were either powered by renewable sources of energy or were made from sustainable materials. While most of us think that a solar-powered cellphone is a great green gadget, Chinese industrial designer Leon Zhu thinks that integrating solar panels isn’t practical, since cellphones are mostly kept in bags or pockets.

The designer has come up with a solution – Green Badge. The device is an independent solar cell module that carries a photo-electric conversion coat and an ultrathin battery pack to store solar energy. The device is designed to be equipped with a pin at its leafstalk that can be used to conveniently clip the device onto clothes and bags.

green badge 2

The badge harnesses solar energy and stores it in a built-in battery, which can then be used to charge mobile devices with renewable energy. The collector itself can be used as a reading lamp or as a fashionably green necklace as well.

Via: DesignBoom