Eco Gadgets: ‘Grass-phone’ makes you carry hay in your pocket

grassphone J6YJL 69

Eco Factor: Phone made from hay gets easily recycled.

Research indicates that plastic takes hundreds of thousands of years to decompose. So if you throw your old cellphone in a landfill, you bet you will find it in your next rebirth, provided you remember the place where you threw it. However, if phones were made from hay just like this Grass Phone, you would be sure your old phone won’t be a threat to the environment. The phone is actually made from hay, does not carry a display and has soft touch keys. While the hard components get recycled, the hay can be broken apart and buried in your lawn.

The Dark Side:

Apart from being ecofriendly, the phone won’t find people buying it for any other features. Moreover, any potential user would have to keep this phone mile away from even a single drop of water.

Via: TechEBlog