Eco Gadgets: Energy-efficient watermill to extract water from atmosphere

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EcoFactor: Element Four’s new watermill extracts water from moist air by using relatively less energy compared to others such machines.

New machines that extract water from moist air by consuming huge chunks of energy seem to be getting popular. Element Four has come up with a new such watermill which will extract water from moist air by consuming 300 watts of power. While this might still be large amount of energy that is wasted, the machine is a lot more efficient when compared to others such watermills. The watermill uses a technique of dew point recognition of the air that surrounds it and uses energy accordingly to condense the water vapor. This helps the Element Four watermill to be highly energy-efficient and a huge asset in the dry areas.

The Dark Side:

The technique of extracting water from moist air by the process of condensation is filled with flaws. For starters, it still consumes huge amounts of energy and even 300 watts is not an acceptable standard by any means. The technique also requires air that is most often heavily moist and that rules out interior dry lands that face water scarcity. While Element Four says that they will soon produce a solar version of this product, that seems pretty unlikely considering the huge energy it needs to function.

Via: Treehugger