Eco Gadgets: Concept streetlamp gets powered by trash

lamppost powered by trash 1

Eco Factor: Streetlamp concept composts trash for energy.

A major percentage of the total amount of electricity consumed by a city is used up by lighting systems. Industrial designer Haneum Lee has come up with a concept lighting system that not only reduces the energy demands but also composts food waste.

lamppost powered by trash 2

The lamppost composts trash and uses the methane which is released as a byproduct to fuel the lights. The concept lamp allows users to throw their organic waste into a wastebasket, which further recycles it for the desired energy. The designer doesn’t state the amount of trash required to keep the lamppost glowing for a night, but it does show a way things can go really green.

lamppost powered by trash 3

lamppost powered by trash 4

lamppost powered by trash 5

lamppost powered by trash 6

Via: YankoDesign

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