Eco Gadgets: Compact dishwasher recycles water for subsequent cycles

gota dishwasher2

Eco Factor: Water conserving dishwasher.

Technology has undoubtedly made our life easy, but that ease comes at the cost of energy and water, something that needs to be conserved for a better tomorrow. We all have been so accustomed to small yet much needed gadgets of ours that living without them one day seems to be a horrifying dream. The only way we can keep our techie lives intact is to use gadgets that conserve energy and other natural resources.

gota dishwasher1

Gota is a dishwasher concept designed by Ibsen Caldas and his team, which is high on water conservation. In its pre-wash cycle the dishwasher steams up the dishes and stores the cooled down water in a built-in tank. This water is then used for the next round of cleaning, thereby saving fresh water from being used to clean dishes.

The Dark Side:

The overall size of the dishwasher makes it feasible for a single person’s use. Using the dishwasher for a larger family will of course require more washing cycles and hence more water than a conventional dishwasher available on the market today.

Via: YankoDesign