Eco Gadgets: Battery-less remote control wants you to shake it for power

shake remote control 1

Eco Factor: Concept remote control powered by motion.

All those portable electronic devices, which promise to make our life a little easier, come with threats to the environment that includes disposing them off with their batteries still generating some power. Batteries, even if they’re rechargeable, aren’t exactly green, which is something that has inspired industrial designers to think of new ways to power gadgets without making use of batteries.

shake remote control 2

The Shake Remote Control is one such device that recharges from the power of motion. Whenever you want to change the channel or alter the volume, all you have to do is to press a button and shake the device for a burst of charge. For now it just powers a remote control, but who knows, a few months of this might make you better in some other things as well.

Via: Re-Nest