Eco Gadgets: Aquaduct Bike purifies water with pedal-power!

aquabike TQRuE 7071
EcoFactor: A uniquely designed bike with three wheels that purifies water by using the energy generated from the pedaling it.

Modern designers are finding interesting new ways to generate power and use it for simple day-to-day tasks. While fancy gadgets and other cool eco-furnishings are fine, it is the technology that helps those in need that really stands out. With much of the developing world struggling to find even clean drinking water, a bike like the Aquaduct could be an absolute boon. The Aquaduct allows for water transportation on a fairly large scale and simultaneously allows you to purify it with pedal-power. The bike won top honors at the 2008 Innovate or Die contest. Created by IDEO, this is truly a boon for those still unable to quench their thirst with clean and pollution-free water.

The Dark Side:

There are a couple of details about the technology that we would really like to know more about. One is the simple fact of the quantity of water it can purify and the rate of purification. The second is the quality of the purified water and the method involved. If both those aspects are fine, then this is an absolute winner all the way.

Via: Ohgizmo