Eco Gadgets: Airgo – Recyclable personal air quality meter

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Eco Factor: Portable device warns people about contaminated air.

The World Health Organization states that 2.4 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution. The introduction of chemicals, particulate matter and biological materials in air due to rapid industrialization and the increase in the number of cars on roads have made things even worse. While anti-pollution measures might take a couple of decades to show a positive result, a concept device warns of stale air to protect a potential user’s health.

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Airgo measures the harmful contents in the air and lights up the LEDs it’s equipped with. The number of LEDs glowing on the device is directly related to the quality of air, where less glowing LEDs mean better air quality. The designers of this device hope that because of its trendy design, users will be able to purchase the device from fashion stores. Airgo will be made from recyclable materials to prevent it from causing any pollution after it’s no longer of use.

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The Dark Side:

The trendy looks and the usefulness of the device will surely lure many people who want style with functionality. If the end product doesn’t cost a fortune we really don’t see any reason why this product cannot prove to be a big hit.

Via: Tuvie