Eco friendly pexiglass sheets as a greener alternative

Plexiglas sheets, otherwise known as Polycarbonate, are translucent, frivolous, Eco-friendly sheets which can withstand any type of weather conditions. It is commonly available in hardware stores across the globe. Plexiglas sheets are durable and can endure a heavy blow or bad weather conditions compared to ordinary glass. This type of glass is also flexible and provides more spring up than an ordinary glass. This aspect makes Plexiglas sheets more preferable than the other types of glass. Plexiglas sheets are also much easier to cut, fabricate and handle. This article provides an overview about the different types of the Eco-friendly Plexiglas sheets.

Plexiglas G Cell-Cast based Acrylic Sheet

This variant of Plexiglas sheet is prepared by a cell casting process which meets all the requirements of acrylic cast based application sheets. It has grander weather durability, superlative visual eminence, fabrication easiness and higher resistance to chemicals. It is also UV rays resistant. It is available in various opaque colors. It is also made with various thickness and sizes.

Plexiglas GP-95 or DP-95 Acrylic Sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is decorated on one side of the sheet. It is decorated with various designs and avoids reflections. The non-glossy finish is provided in only one side. This variant of Plexiglas is also made through a cell casting procedure and meets the requirements of superior quality acrylic sheets. The non-glossy finish is available in a variety of colors with multiple sheet sizes.

Plexiglas MC Matte Finish sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is an alternative to the above mentioned P 95 Plexiglas sheet. This sheet is prepared to possess a non-glossy finish with possibilities for designing it further. This sheet is suitable for building applications, display boards, point of sale applications and fabricated slices. This sheet is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Plexiglas MC Acrylic based Sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is cheaper compared to the other Plexiglas variants. Plexiglas MC Acrylic based sheet is manufactured through a process of flux calendaring. It has superior quality similar to Plexiglas G sheet. This sheet also has extraordinary thickness lenience which helps it to be thermoformed. Plexiglas MC acrylic based sheet is available in more than thirty colors including black and white. It comes in all sizes and thickness ranges.

Plexiglas Frosted Acrylic based sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is manufactured through a frosting process by which Acrylic resin is amalgamated throughout the sheet edifice. This process provides a wonderful glossy appearance to the sheet. This sheet is primarily meant for usage in bill boards, signage, displays and point of sale or purchase illuminators. In the illuminators and displays, the glossy finishing hides the scratches and entails less polishing and cleaning. Distinct to surface imprinted exteriors, the Plexiglas frosted acrylic sheet retains its original frosted appearance even after undergoing the thermoforming process. This sheet is widely popular among the designers who use this for a wide range of purposes including table tops, shelving, displays and lighting. The Plexiglas Frosted Acrylic based sheet is available in a comprehensive range of colors and sizes. The common among them are Light Gray 3160, Light Bronze 3161, Dark Red 3164 and Light Blue 3163.

Plexiglas Clear Edge Frosted Acrylic based sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is prepared using the same frosting process which was used to prepare the Plexiglas Frosted Acrylic based sheet. The only added feature to the frosted sheet is the addition of clear edge texture to the sheet surfaces. This provides a glowing finish to the sheet which makes it attractive. The main features of this sheet include efficiently dispersing light from the sheet’s surface, hiding scratches and fingerprints and requiring less maintenance and cleaning. This sheet is a popular choice among designers who work in shelving, lighting, displays, illuminators and backdrop lighting. Like the other variants of Plexiglas, the Plexiglas Clear Edge Frosted Acrylic based sheet comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Plexiglas SB Bullet Resistant sheet

This variant of Plexiglas is bullet resistant and meets the requirements of UL 752 Stage I certification. Plexiglas SB Bullet Resistant sheets serves as an alternative to bullet proof glass. This variant of Plexiglas is available in various sizes and colors.


The history of Plexiglas dates back to the early part of the 20th century with the preparation of transparent sheets from Acrylic resins which are produced from Urea. During the Second World War, Plexiglas was used in the windshield of war planes. The unique feature of Plexiglas is that it does not form the yellow color in its surface due to sun rays unlike other glasses. As years went by, Plexiglas has found its way into various factories and homes as a substitute for glass. As more emphasis is given to global warming and usage of Eco-friendly products these days, Plexiglas products are seen as a greener alternative to the normal glass based products.