Eco friendly mortars and pestles

Reminiscent of Grandma’s cooking and an indispensible part of one’s kitchen, mortars and pestles take us down the memory lane when spices and herbs were ground in it. Replacing Grandma’s era of metal mortars and pestles, these must haves of every kitchen have undergone many a change in a green way. The eco friendly mortars and pestles mentioned below ensure that we have a happy and safe cooking without worrying about consuming toxins emanating from the metal counterparts.

Mortar and pestle

1. Kuhn Rikon Mortar and Pestle

Kuhn Rikon

A beautiful dual functionality mortar and pestle designed by Swiss designer and Chef Philipp Beyeler, Kuhn Rikon Mortar & Pestle is a stunning multipurpose masterpiece that is made of eco friendly porcelain and bamboo. A two-piece mortar and pestle, it has a bamboo mortar as a base with a porcelain mortar nestled inside the bamboo base. While bamboo ideally crushes grains and nuts, porcelain on the other hand crushes herbs and spices. Its porcelain pestle with a teardrop shaped hole in it is not just for aesthetic purposes, but is a tool for defoliating stems. The ecological choice of the future, bamboo is most sustainable, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It absorbs carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen. Porcelain on the other hand is made from natural materials like clay, flint, silica, etc. and is fired in a kiln.

Price: $33.63

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2. Orb Mortar and Pestle

Orb Mortar and Pestle

Glamorous, practical, unique, futuristic style and contemporary are just the words to describe the Orb mortar and pestle. Designed by Joseph Joseph, it is the new age answer to the ancient pestle and mortar. A three-piece set, it has two receptacles, i.e. two separate bowls. The larger bowl is used for crushing and grinding larger amounts of ingredients. Its lid can inverted which then becomes a neat and smaller mortar bowl that can be hand held and is ideal for grinding smaller amounts of herbs and spices. This stylish and pride of every kitchen, it is made from non-absorbent porcelain, which is a natural and eco friendly material made from clay, flint, etc. Its lime green pestle is perfectly weighted with rubberized handle for soft and excellent grip.

Price: $27.44

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3. Sawan Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Sawan Mortar and Pestle

Designed by Pakistan born and Toronto based Tahir Mahmood, this large brightly colored mortar and pestle is made from the Dalbergia Sissoo wood (also known as Shisham or Indian Rosewood). Sure to prep the kitchen with its dazzling colors, this mortar and pestle is further made eco friendly by painting it with lac, which comes from cedar and jujube trees and date-tree sticks, and is further sealed and glossed by using date leaf. Completely organic in nature, it has been handcrafted in Pakistan by using the ancient technique of lathe turning.

Price: $150

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4. Itaim Bibi Mortar and Pestle

Acacia Mortar and Pestle

A perfect modern kitchen accessory, it has been expertly crafted and sculpted by master artisans. Made from acacia wood, its round pestle has a comfortable handle that is fun to hold and efficient to work, thanks to its ergonomic design. Perfect for crushing and grinding spices, herbs etc, it is a great alternative to stone, ceramic and porcelain mortars and pestles as acacia wood is quite eco friendly. It is food safe and contains no dyes and coloring.

Price: $89.99

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5. Beech Wood Mortar and Pestle

Beech Mortar and Pestle

There is nothing like finely grinding up the spices with ease. This mortar and pestle set is made from beech wood; an eco friendly material helps in doing just that. A surface that is smooth and natural to feel and touch, the pestle is an eye candy as such it fits easily into a hand as it has in a nice hourglass shape.

Price: $15

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6. Provenance Mortar and Pestle

Provenance Mortar and Pestle

Designed by John Lewis, this is a 100-percent recycled teak wood mortar and pestle. Pre-finished with anti-bacterial and ecoli resistant oil, one can now crush and grind herbs and spices without a care in the world. A hard wearing and high quality pestle and mortar, it has a stain resistant surface that is easy to maintain and clean.

Price: $25

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7. Le Creuset Mortar and Pestle

Le Creuset Mortar and Pestle

Bold, bright, and classic is probably the best way to describe this mortar and pestle set. Matching the proficiency of a food processor, this set has a generous space for crushing, grinding and stirring the ingredients. A true charm, it is non-porous i.e. made with a unique clay mixture. This ensures non-absorption of odors and flavors, resistance to staining, and prevention of cracking and chipping. It also has an unglazed interior and pestle tip that creates the perfectly efficient surface as well as high-quality enamel on the exterior, which protects the set against metal marks.

Price: $23.95

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