Eco friendly kitchen renovation ideas

Think green and be creative. You could contribute in your own little ways to make this earth a better to place to live. And if you are planning to go green by remodeling your kitchen, there are number of ways to accomplish this idea. Creating an Eco-friendly kitchen does not always cost you a bomb. These options could vary from Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets to Eco-friendly appliances. So don’t think as your kitchen could be the best place to begin for Eco-friendliness and being green.

1. Kitchen flooring

While you make an attempt to remodel your kitchen in an Eco-friendly way, the easiest of all could be the kitchen flooring. You could choose to do away with the normal flooring with bamboo flooring or other such kind of shoots. Bamboo has many environmental benefits as cutting a bamboo is like cutting grass. Bamboo being bio-degradable, you don’t need to worry about polluting the environment when you want to re-style you kitchen next time. Being low on cost, you can get bamboo wood from buildings that have been pulled down to make new ones. This you will also help in recycling of bio-degradable items. You could also opt for cork flooring which is one of the most low budget Eco-friendly floor option. Cork is mowed from the bark of tree which replenishes itself. It costs the same as hardwood floors when you buy cork flooring. It is easy available and simple to install.

2. Separate your appliances

For a complete kitchen remodel, another Eco-friendly technique could be to install your refrigerator away from a window. Technically, the sun makes your refrigerator work harder to stay cool. Never keep your oven and fridge nearby as it also affects the cooling of refrigerator. Therefore, you may want to structure the designated places for such appliances for optimum utilization of space. This restructuring will not cost you much with effective Eco-friendly results. Look for more such appliance and their positions in your kitchen to contribute your share for a healthier environment, thereby helping you to do your bit towards energy conservation.

3. Eco friendly kitchen cabinets

Eco friendly kitchen cabinets could be an option if you want to do away with your old cabinets. Many companies are now focusing on manufacturing Eco-friendly appliances for the kitchen. However, if your wooden cabinets are in order, you can simply resurface them with a new paint as this way you will save money and room in the land fill. You could also choose to judiciously get rid of the kitchen cabinets from the wall so that they are intact and donate then to a non-profit organization if they are in a good shape. You can then visit a home improvement store to find installation ready kitchens. But remember, though these kitchen remodeling ideas are stunning, they are also heavy on the pockets.

4. Remodel to opt for smaller appliances

Going green by remodeling your kitchen could also require you to think about your appliance needs and in many cases rationalizing on the number of appliances you need in your daily kitchen chores. This help in reducing the energy costs and subsequent energy. Selling those old appliances or other kitchen stuff could also help you meet the expenses of kitchen re-modeling. You might be able to make enough money to help you save few bucks from the current budget. You could also choose environment friendly cleaning products or use biodegradable bin liners to go green in the kitchen

5. Buy from local outlets

Visit you nearby outlets or look for local manufacturers that deal in kitchen fittings and home improvement. Contact people from the local area who are in line with your ideas of green kitchen design. These manufacturers or outlets could be to fulfill your needs of re-paint, or choosing and getting a new wallpaper, necessary raw materials, or even appliances. Incorporating local products in your kitchen remodeling, will not only help you save travel costs, but also reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are needed to transit the goods you bought from across the country or from a distant shop.

6. Eco friendly appliances

Going green could be your reason for joy and you should invest all your time and effort in making your kitchen as environment friendly as possible. Try to get rid of those appliances which consume a lot of energy. You could donate them to someone needy. Opt for energy efficient appliances. Else update them with a fresh paint. You could give a fresh look to most major appliances.