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Eco friendly home improvement ideas

Eco-friendly home improvement ideas not only beautify your house but also enhance its value. An eco-friendly house is the one that concentrates on efficient use of energy, building materials, and water. Energy efficient appliances can be installed for building an eco-friendly home. In addition to energy-efficient appliances, you need to utilize specific building materials to keep the home cool and heated. As a homeowner, you will be looking for ways to improve your homes and make them as green as possible. Here is a list of best eco-friendly home improvement ideas.

Eco-friendly home improvement ideas

1. Installing solar panels

Solar heating is a conventional method of warming homes. Even today, houses are installed with solar panels to go green. Installing them is very simple; all you need is your rooftop to install the panels and wires for the power supply. These panels do not require any fuel or replacement when they are worn out. If you are willing to buy the panels, then you can consider used ones as they are cheaper and even after twenty years of usage they have been known to perform the same as the new ones.

2. Insulate doors and windows

Your doors and windows are also a way of wintertime heat loss. The best but less expensive thing is to replace your old garage doors with an insulated version. Garage doors are great energy sucks, rarely built with efficiency in mind. You can put weather stripping on your doors and windows to avoid the cold air from entering through the crack. You can hang blackout curtains on the windows. Triple pane windows can also be used for replacing your old windows. You can even opt to purchase thick and insulated doors, which will cost you only a few hundred dollars.

3. Creating compost pile

Mix all the left-over in the kitchen with rubbish and make compost pile in your backyard. Use a shovel to turn the pile every week. Instead of throwing away eggshells, coffee grounds and spoiled vegetables to the garbage, turn them into something useful and make the composite pile. The plants grown in such soil will definitely yield better fruits and vegetables.

4. Installing fluorescent bulbs

If you are planning to save on energy costs, then replace all the incandescent bulbs in your home with fluorescent ones. These energy saving bulbs consume 70-75 percent less energy than the standard light bulbs and does last up to ten times longer. For instance, if you are using a 26-watt fluorescent bulb, then you are saving up to $59 dollars on energy expenses over the life of the bulb.

5. Roof improvements

In summers, you waste a lot of electricity in bringing down the room temperature by using air coolers. To overcome this rising room temperature and keep the rooms cool, you need to have cool roofs. To achieve this, you can paint the roofs white or with light colors, which will reflect back the infrared rays thereby lowering the temperature of the room. You can also choose white flooring color, as white color keeps the room cool.

6. Conserve water

Check your home regularly for leaky faucets and if you find any, get them repaired immediately. Try using cold water for washing clothes. Some garments like jeans can be worn for a few more times before throwing it in the hamper. Educate your children about saving water. Installing a low flush toilet reduces a home’s water supply requirements. When compared to standard toilets, low flush toilets consume less water. A standard size family can save up to 35,000 gallons of water by switching over to low flush toilets.

7. Low VOC paints

Make your home look beautiful by giving it a new coat of paint. You can paint the walls and roofs of the house with light and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, which not only maintains the required room temperature but also does make your home look beautiful and lively. The standard VOC paint may pollute the air and cause respiratory problems, but low VOC paint always gives the homes fresh fragrance.

8. Installing fans

Installing exhaust fans helps your home in lowering down the heat and dampness from kitchen and bathrooms during summer. Ceiling fans help you in reducing your family’s dependence on ACs in the summer season.

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