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  1. Phil Dodd
    Sep 15 - 5:01 pm

    The suggested method of using the vinegar solution is to apply it to a cloth, and not directly spray it onto the target.

    If the spray nozzle is set to atomize the solution, then the user will be breathing the vinegar into their lungs. If the spray nozzle produces a jet, then it is all to easy for the jet to accidentally get into the eyes. Vinegar is a mild acid and could act as an irritant to the lungs or eyes if applied directly from a spray bottle.

    In the workplace in the UK, we were unable to use vinegar as a cleaning agent because we are goverened by the requirement to work from a COSHH sheet in relation to all substances, and we couldn’t find one for vinegar !

    In a domestic environment, my recommendation is to do as I describe above, and apply the solution to a cloth for application.

    ( A large part of my job is in cleaning work )

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