Eco-friendly gadgets for modern Geeks

With millions of gadgets being produced every year, piles of electronic waste accumulate across the world, posing a serious threat to our ecosystem. Addressing the issue, designers and manufacturers worldwide are coming up with sustainable, recyclable and energy efficient substitutes to our day-to-day gadgets that look and work as good as regular devices. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly gadgets to helps geeks play their part in sustaining the environment.

nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator:

nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator

Priced at $97, the nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator is a portable that charges all your small devices using kinetic energy that you generate while moving. Featuring an internal battery that can charge your mobile device for up to 100 days without any movement, the personal energy generator is compatible with various mobile devices like cell phones, cameras, GPS, music players, games, eReaders, LED lights, radios and so on. The nPower PEG also includes a USB cable to charge your devices from your computer.

Edyn Garden Sensor:

Edyn Garden Sensor 2

Winner of Innovation Award at the CES 2015, the Edyn Garden Sensor is a smart gardening system that tracks the environmental conditions to suggest most favorable time for planting outdoor plants. Comprising garden sensor, water valve and an app, the advanced gardening system monitors the important information like light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture and share it with soil science and weather databases, so that user can grow the plants according to the conditions for optimum results.

Water Powered Shower Radio:

Water Powered Shower Radio

Priced around $60, H2O is a shower radio that does not require batteries or external power supply and functions exclusively on the power of water. Featuring a mini power turbine powered by the pressure of water, the shower radio has a FM receipt range of 87.5 to 108 Mhz and audio output power up to 80mW. Measuring 13.1 X 7.45 X 4.25 cm (LDH) in dimensions, the water-powered radio weighs around 250 grams. Capable of storing the recent tuned station and the volume, the H2O comes with a battery to store excess energy when not in use.



Priced at $25, iBamboo as the name suggests is a portable speaker, made using bamboo, which does not require any battery of power outlet for functioning. To enjoy the natural acoustics of the bamboo, all the users need to do is turn their iPhone’s speaker on and place it on the slot located on the top of the speaker. Available in natural and black color, the bamboo speaker looks more like a showpiece than a gadget.

Following the green drive going on across the world, designers and manufacturers are coming up with more and more eco friendly gadgets that apart from being functional also help in sustaining the environment.