Can you name some eco friendly fashion designers who presents top quality eco friendly products?

I am an eco friendly guy so I prefer to have everything environmental friendly.But one thing where I think I am lacking is my clothing. So first of all I want to ask you that what kind of eco friendly clothing lines should I wear and where can I get them? Also if you could tell eco friendly fashion designers names so that I can take a look on their collections.

  1. Well I did not really know if it is the clothes you were talking about or just eco-friendly products in general. But I shall help you the best of my ability. First of all it is really nice to see that there are people other than I who take interest in the Eco-friendly world and believe in going green. There are a lot I know who do not even care. Eco friendly clothes, is what I presume you were looking for so, is the best site to check out. You could take a look at this page too, my friend told me about it. Maybe it will help you out. Eco friendly clothes by designers are rare. There are plenty of celebrities who are wearing them though. another link which might help, I hope this was sufficient.All the best.

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