Eco friendly engagement rings from Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth Diamonds are forever, however, they make a big dent on your pocket and the Earth’s heart. Many despise the controversial earth-damaging mining process of these precious stones, but often find it hard to escape the glitter. However, now, there is a solution. For all those who give precedence to, and have fallen into the trap of, the irresistible carbon, a San Francisco-based company Brilliant Earth has introduced eco friendly diamonds. All the diamonds sold by Brilliant Earth come from Canadian mines that follow eco friendly practices and are committed to delivering high quality diamonds without harming the planet. The company is also working in partnership with advocacy groups to promote the awareness about conflict diamonds, labor and mining issues that by no means can be termed environmentally responsible. The company also dedicates 5% of its profits to directly benefit local African communities harmed by the diamond industry. Via: Trend Hunter