Eco friendly DIY kitchen cabinets

Consumerism is the key to a successful business today. With the changing buying patterns and increasing awareness about environment friendly option available in the market, the time has come where everyone wants a customized product to suit their individual needs. Manufacturers are getting creative by offering customers such products that are made to suit a client’s taste. In the same context, many eco conscious folks are opting for Eco-friendly DIY Kitchen Cabinets for their eco kitchens. Using DIY kitchen cabinets, you can build your kitchen in your own dream way, using your favorite colors, styles and layouts. You can also opt to remodel your kitchen cabinets via such facility. These kitchen cabinets are high quality, and have an ability to fit any kitchen area. They are developed by manufacturers keeping in mind the client requirements and environmental benefits. Eco friendly kitchen cabinets can be made of reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork or other renewable and sustainable materials. Read more to know more about eco-friendly kitchen cabinets for your eco home.

1. Know your kitchen needs

Analyze your kitchen cabinet requirements depending upon the eco-friendly material you choose to use. Your nature friendly cabinets should be processed via easily renewable resources and should be transported at your door step in an eco-friendly way. They should be produced via eco-friendly manufacturing processes which could mean reduction in energy consumption during their manufacturing process and should be manufactured in an environment that does not harm the nature. The finishing products used should include finishes, primers, stains and glues that should be non-toxic and should not contain VOCs. These factors will improve the environmental impact you make while installing DIY kitchen cabinets in your home.

2. Know your cabinet material

The material that is used to build kitchen cabinet should have minimal impact on the environment. For instance bamboo kitchen cabinets are highly eco friendly as bamboo is renewable and can be grown back quickly once harvested. Recycled wood is also considered environment friendly as it helps in reduction of landfills. Cork kitchen cabinets are process from 100% post-industrial recycled cork grain or bark of the oak tree which makes it a renewable material that is water and heat resistant. These materials do not emit toxic substances making them a healthier option as against their traditional counterparts. Their easy to clean and moisture resistant properties make them an ideal choice for a greener home.

3. Look for specific certifications

Always look for kitchen cabinet manufacturers, who are certified to build eco-friendly cabinets. Such manufacturers should ideally be ESP certified. This certificate is a proof of the company’s capability to produce kitchen cabinetry that is not harmful for the environment and is generated from elements that have a least impact on environment during its processing. Look for labels which say NO VOC. This will help you in fostering a cleaner and a safer environment. Look for paints which have a declaration of NO VOC which will help in selection of products that are eco-friendly. If it is made from reclaimed wood, look for certifications like FSC certified. Be aware of latest policies and guidelines laid by the government for manufacturers of eco-friendly products.

4. Look for designs and refurnishing ideas that suit your budget

Giving a new look to your traditional cabinetry is easy and inexpensive. It is a DIY project that make a great impact in saving the environment from non eco-friendly products. To give a bright look to your cabinetry you can choose to paint the shades of red or blue. They add brightness to your kitchen area and give a trendy appeal. In order to give an inexpensive accent, you can choose to make small holes in the outline of a bird on your cabinets. To give a chic finish you can add a handle that looks like a twig or branch and use decorative painting materials like ornate gold scrolls. This will give a French feeling to your flat front cupboards.

5. Accent for your kitchen cabinetry

For a custom look, you can choose to add new materials to traditional old style cabinets. You can use glass in the front instead of old material to give some zest or else choose to place some gathered fabric on the back. This will give a country appeal to your kitchen cabinets. You can also give a woven look or place stainless steel rods evenly on the door front. If you are a art lover then you can add a ginkgo leaf shape for a natural feel. This will compliment your cabinetry lighting.

6. Furniture look for your eco cabinetry

Experiment with your old dresser as a kitchen island to give your cabinets a look that imitates a dresser. This will also give you an extra space for your cutlery sets and other kitchen accessories.