Eco friendly, ethanol-fueled fireplaces

digifire front OL5Zw 17080 A fireplace without a chimney? Surprised! Wait till you hear about the Digifire clean-burning fireplaces. A chimney is important in a conventional fireplace because it takes out the harmful and poisonous gases that are released when fuel is burned in our fireplaces but not so in the Digifire clean-burning fireplace. It uses a highly refined ethanol called Fanola that burns so cleanly, that no chimney is required. It can burn for 13-25 hours on a load of this special fuel and all it releases is only a little steam and carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the same proportion as air exhaled by humans. Now that’s truly an eco friendly fireplace. And not to mention the futuristic designs which makes them an object of art for the living room. via Dvice