Could you please tell me about eco friendly christmas gifts for kids?

My 11 years old daughter is very fond of her cousin, who is my niece. Its going to be Christmas in a few days time, and my daughter is quite perplexed what should she gift her this Christmas as my niece has already send her an amazing gift. My niece is 13 years old, and my daughter plans to present something eco-friendly. I want to know from you guys about some wonderful eco friendly Christmas gifts for kids. Can somebody please advise me an appropriate gift considering her age? Thanks.

  1. Hi friend,Here is some eco friendly christmas gift for kids :Nature Baby Organic Wool And Cotton Clothes Some of these products include: organic cotton drawstring pants, lambskin booties, organic cotton long sleeve bodysuits, and organic knotted beanie hats. All of these products are of high quality and very soft in touching.EarthBallThe EarthBall is generally 16 inches in diameter, inflatable, it glows in the dark, and is made with child safe phthalate-free material. The ball was created using NASA satellite photos, and the cities of the world on it. The EarthBall is a best gift as a visual aid for teaching kids about light pollution, world population, and energy consumption. It comes with a Global Handbook that includes information and games from that EarthBall.EcoZoo Natural Cotton Backpacks by EcoGearThese backpacks are always PVC and toxic free and come in the shape of a friendly zoo animal. These backpacks uses natural cotton fabrics and rope materials, non-toxic dyes, sustainable wood assets, recycled plastic components, and padded shoulder straps.Natural Paint ColorsThese Paints are made from organic plant extracts material and are completely non-toxic. It comes in a powder form that you will mix with cold water to achieve the desired consistency. These water based paints are made from colors found in nature. Mixed up paints should be stored in the refrigerator because they are entirely natural.Organic FairyTale Knit CollectionThese toys are from Essere Organics and are fully natural. They are made from certified organic cotton and an eco-friendly natural dye process is used for the creation of colors. Hoping that you are satisfied with my answer… Thank you

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