How to make eco friendly baskets for gifts?

I am student of a private school. And there is going to be yearly fiesta at my school. My teacher has given me assignment to prepare eco friendly basket for gifts for the silent auction which would be held during fiesta. I know about the materials required to make the eco friendly baskets for gifts but I don’t know the procedure of making it. Can somebody help me with the procedure to make eco friendly baskets for gifts? Please get back with appropriate replies as quickly as possible. Thanks.

  1. Eco friendly baskets are really nice options for gifts. Eco friendly baskets are regarded as super in quality and, as always, there is no specific time to go-green. So I would say that you should try to make eco friendly basket from the sustainable wood and other materials. Now eco friendly baskets can also be made from the recycled paper and other non-recycled plastic. It really feels great to make something like this; it seems that as if you have really achieved something. I had recently made a basket of the huge soda plastic bottle of two liters. It was real fun. All you have to do is just make sure that you cut the bottle properly in two halves, discard the upper half and utilize the lower half by making it the base of the basket and cover it with cloth and get to attach a sort of plastic handle by making two holes on both the sides of the basket. You got it my pal. You have just made yourself the eco friendly basket. Have a good time my friend.

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