Eco-fashion makes its mark at New York Fashion Week(1)

New eco friendly designs rock the New York Fashion week

Go green was the motto of all the fashion designers present during the New York Fashion week. As trends of fashion is changing, the industry experts and renowned fashion designers are taking use of eco friendly fashion wear which is loved by the audience. During the fashion week, the models were also excited to seeing the new designs which supported being green. The fashion designers stated that, they have designed new designs and concepts that are best suited for maintaining the ethics of environment. During the fashion week in New York, more of eco friendly designs were seen on the ramp that was displayed by the models. Many of the fashion designers who were present during the fashion show stated that, they wanted to create something new and exciting this year and because of which they created a new line that was based on environmentalism.

What has the fashion designers say about the new concept?

The designers who were there in the show stated that, they have taken use of the most natural resources for attaining the fabric, which they have used for creating the designs. Talking to some of the fashion magazines, the designers stated that, they would keep up the work of designing eco friendly cloths. They also quoted to the fashion magazines that cost incurred in creating the dresses, which are eco friendly, are less and are created with ease.

Some of the renowned fashion designers like Nina Skarra designed cloths, which were biodegradable and made of fabric, which were naturally obtained like bamboo, silk, wool and eco leather. Nina stated that, she had even taken use of organic cotton and soya for making her collections. Along with Nina, Kimberly Ovitz presented the natural and eco friendly collection for men. Ovitz stated that, he had taken use of durable tencel fabric for making his creation.

During the event, the famous Brazilian designer displayed his collection of eco friendly cloths that were made up of fish leather, waste milk along with recycled vegetable dye. The designer Oskar Metsavaht, stated that, creating eco friendly designs was the best thing that can happen in the fashion industry.

What is the future of the eco friendly dresses?

The experts of fashion industry are stating that, during the New York Fashion week, they were able to see some good and exciting eco friendly collection from the renowned designers. They also stated that, the future of eco friendly dresses would flourish in the near future.