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Eco Delight: Ten ways to recycle beer cans and bottles

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Undoubtedly, a consciousness for the environment has led to many inventions, energy saving technologies, utilization of alternate sources of energy, but what about the waste that is already present in our surroundings, such as empty beer bottles or cans? Well, that’s not at all a problem if you have a creative mind. Look at some of the finest and coolest ways to recycle beer cans and bottles, which are not thrown into dustbins, but collected and polished to end up in marvelous sculptures. Here we present you with the list of the 10 finest ways to recycle beer bottles and cans, which will definitely inspire you to preserve all bottles after a late night booze party.

• Beer Bottle Chandelier:

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Buddhist Temple made from beer bottles:

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• Beer bottle Solar Heater:

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• Beer Can art:

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• Beer Can House:

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• Beer Can radio:

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• Beer bottle building:

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• Beer bottle flower vase:

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• Designer tableware made from beer bottles:

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• Beer bottle glares:

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