Eco Delight: 10 amazing pedal-powered machines

pedal bottle heater and cooler 5jg4p 69

The day when we would be using machines that won’t be powered by the little socket somewhere in the wall is still a couple of decades away. But this does not keep some designers and inventors from thinking that the calories burned during exercising can solve the energy crisis to some extent by powering daily use machines with pedal-power. These machines not only serve the purpose they are actually built for but they also reduce the number of hours you spend in a gymnasium. Here we have compiled a list of 10 awesome machines that are powered by nothing else than a pair of pedals.

• Pedal-powered Water Purifier:

pedal water purifier HYgtI 69

• Pedal-powered Washing Machine:

pedal washing machine 5C3RO 69

• Pedal-powered Grain Crusher:

pedal grain crusher fintZ 69

• Pedal-powered snowplow:

pedal snowplow QcQxf 69

• Pedal-powered Welding Machine:

pedal welding machine z3qwS 69

• Pedal-powered Internet Kiosk:

pedal internet kiosk KzVVZ 69

• Pedal-powered Gadget Charger:

pedal gadget charger Laqmg 69

• Pedal-powered Lawnmower:

pedal lawnmower sethz 69

• Another Pedal-powered Washing Machine:

pedal washing machine2 ox3fG 69

• Pedal-powered Bottle Cooler and Heater:

pedal bottle heater and cooler 5jg4p 69

  1. I have another new machine to share.

    From the website:

    Innovative Human-Powered Well Pump for the 21st Century

    We have created a human-powered pump head so unique and strong that new performance charts must be drafted for this machine’s capability to pump water by hand from bored wells. No charts exist for the performance of such a hand pump with this type of mechanical advantage. Our hand pump machine is also within the performance range of 1/2 horsepower submersible electric well pumps, possibly more with further testing.

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