Eco-cleaning: Let plants be your natural air purifiers

janetcraig 2112If you are happy that you are not on the polluted roads and are safe inside your home; think again, the air you breathe in your home could be polluted too. We use a lot of commercial cleaning products, detergents, bleaches and paints at home. Did you know that the chemicals from these products pollute the air at home as they evaporate and can cause sufficient damage to our bodies?

What do you do to get rid of this problem?
You don’t have to buy expensive air purifiers to solve the problem. Instead of investing in a product which need regular maintenance and electricity, bring home some plants which are especially good in absorbing the polluted air. These plants not only cheaper but also look great in the interiors and need very little maintenance. All you need to do is to place them where they can get enough sunlight and water them everyday.
bamboo palm 2112

NASA conducted a two year study to find ways of reducing indoor pollution and came to the conclusion that the common indoor plant may provide a natural way of helping combat ‘Sick building syndrome’. Here are the top ten plants suggested by NASA to de-pollute your indoors.

* Bamboo palm
* Marginata
* Aloe vera
* Boston fern
* Janet Craig dracaena
* English ivy
* Australian sword fern
* Peace Lily
* Rubber plant
* Weeping fig

Bring nature into your home and enjoy fresh unpolluted air!