Eco Cars: TAXI 2020 hopes to green Australian streets with fuel cells and solar power

taxi 2020 1

Eco Factor: Concept vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells and solar energy.

Student designer Damian Lucaciu from the RMIT University, Australia, has envisioned the future of taxis, which unlike today will be more ecofriendly and sport the best in eco-technology. The designer has carefully addressed the needs of an average Australian passenger in the year 2020 in a car he calls the Melbourne TAXI 2020. The primary focus of the design rests on being green, practical, comfortable and above all passenger-friendly.

taxi 2020 2

With all modern car accessories in place, which include GPS, night riding system, passenger entertainment system, information hub, Smart Card system and disability access, the taxi doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. The vehicle is propelled by hydrogen fuel cells and an electric motor that gets its fuel from roof-mounted solar cells. The electric batteries can also be recharged in a more conventional way by plugging the vehicle into a wall socket.

taxi 2020 3

The vehicle’s roof features an acrylic opening that instigates a sense of openness and also allows the passengers to get close to nature, when the car isn’t being charged by the solar panels. To keep the weight of the vehicle to the minimum without sacrificing on speed or safety, the designer plans to develop the car using an aluminum chassis and a polycarbonate body.

taxi 2020 4

Via: DesignAwards