Eco Cars: Steenstra GCM plans a 200mph all-electric supercar

styletto 1

Eco Factor: Zero-emission supercar designed to run on electricity.

Comparitively new to auto manufacturing, California-based Steenstra GCM has some big plans. The company has released the first renderings of their dream machine called the Styletto. The all-electric car is designed to hit speeds in excess of 200mph and will be built in California.

styletto 2

The company claims that the high-performance car will offer comfort, gullwing doors and slippery aerodynamics to get the most from the car’s zero-emission power house. Steenstra GCM is planning to unveil the car the 2010 Pebble Beach Concour’s de Elegance and if the company can get some financers interested, the car should be able to make it to the streets by 2013.

Via: Gas2