Eco Cars: Solar and wind-powered Lamborghini Countach EV offers a self-sufficient ride

lamborghini countach ev 1

Eco Factor: Concept electric car harnesses solar and wind energy for power.

Electric cars being developed today are considered great for the environment, since they don’t pollute the atmosphere with harmful gases. However, if electricity generation is taken into consideration, which is mostly produced in coal-fired power plants, the ecofriendly credentials of electric cars get debatable.

lamborghini countach ev 2

Industrial designer Flavio Adriani has tried to end the debate on a winning note, with a concept car that runs on electricity that is generated by onboard solar and wind energy generators. Dubbed Lamborghini Countach EV, the all-electric car features photovoltaic modules towards the rear and two wind turbines under the hood that generate enough energy to refuel the battery packs.

lamborghini countach ev 3

The batteries fuel a set of motors located in the wheels, which provide all the necessary power to get the beast moving. With an aerodynamic design and the use of lightweight materials, the vehicle will surely impress speed lovers who love to burn the streets without polluting it.

lamborghini countach ev 4

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Via: Tuvie