Eco Cars: Rikscha – A rickshaw-inspired all-electric urban taxi

rikscha 3

Eco Factor: Zero-emission concept taxi designed to run on electric motors.

Industrial designer Igor Vishnevskiy has taken inspiration from the Asian rickshaw in designing the urban taxi of the future. Dubbed Rikscha the vehicle is designed to ferry passengers comfortably across a city without emitting any harmful gases.

rikscha 1

Unlike a rickshaw where passengers are transported by human carriers, the Rikscha utilizes a pair of electric motors that power the front set of wheels. The passengers are made to sit comfortably in an enclosed cabin toward the rear of the vehicle, whereas the front cabin is for the driver.

rikscha 2

Since the driver and the passengers are in different cabins with no contact, the driver can concentrate on driving without getting distracted by the passengers in the rear cabin. Another advantage of this setup is that the passengers can get a good view in all directions from the large panoramic roof.

rikscha 4

Unlike doors of a conventional taxi, the Rikscha is equipped with a unique system that drives the passengers out with their seats so that they can get off or get on with ease.

rikscha 5