Eco Cars: Peugeot Sphe’ra – Futuristic concept car floats entirely on magnetic field

sphera 1

Eco Factor: Concept car runs on hydrogen fuel.

Here is yet another eye catching concept car, can’t say whether it will ever see the real roads, but if ever came into existence, it will be cutting edge design in the automobile world. Utilizing “state of art” technology “Peugeot Sphe’ra” boasts of some special features like a maglev system for propulsion.

sphera 6

The most unique feature is its spherical wheels, which are controlled by electromagnets incorporated inside every wheel which surround the wheels like a ring of magnetic field that also works as suspension. In short, while on drive, the vehicle is completely floating on a magnetic field. Spherical wheels can rotate around their own axis and also allow the car to move in any direction. That means no need to reverse the car in order to turn back. Still more, the car is powered by electricity provided through a hydrogen fuel cell situated in the bottom of the car.

sphera 3

It can carry three passengers at a time with driver in the front and two on the back seats. We don’t have sufficient specifications to leave some comments about the concept. However, the design sounds too futuristic to materialize.

sphera 7

sphera 5

Via: Aaszozo