Eco Cars: Peugeot OMNI – Sporty, aerodynamic car gets powered by the sun

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Eco Factor: Electric car gets powered by solar panels.

In 1973, a Swedish automobile designer named Bengt Ilon dreamt of a car that could move sideways on “Omni-wheels,” which could speed up transport and take it to a whole new level. The concept was not obviously picked up or developed through the decades. Now, finally we have a model that has been designed for Peugeot – OMNI.

The car, which is perfect for future megalopolis, has a sporty, aerodynamic body that represents evolution of the new age. The small city car has been made for just two occupants, keeping in mind that in 95% cases a car just has one occupant at a time. The exterior body is intended to be developed with carbon fiber, which should guarantee strength without adding much to the body of the car.

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Solar cells are placed on the body of the car to refuel the lithium batteries sitting beneath the hood of the car. Traditional side cameras in this car are replaced by cameras, which enable the driver to see all objects in sides on the dashboard mounted display.

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The most stunning feature of the car still remains its ability to move sideways at a speed of 5 km/h, which would ease parking and will make sure that the car does not always get stuck in traffic jams.

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The Dark Side:

Apart from high cost fears, the “Omni-wheels” technology still seems a couple of decades away from realism. However, if the technology is made then it could truly refine the way we drive.

Via: ProductDesignForums