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Eco Cars: Nexter – An electric car for congested city lanes

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Eco Factor: Lead-acid battery powered compact city car.

The Earth is not going to swell in the future to accommodate the growth in population and cars. City lanes are more congested than they ever were before and the situation is going to get worse in the near future. Car designers today are not just focusing on electric cars, but they have to keep the space factor in consideration before they bring the car of their dreams to paper.

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Designer Florian FOIZON has addressed both of these issues in a future car called the Nexter. The car has been developed for a city tottering with space and environmental problems. The car is just under a meter wide and can carry two passengers. The car gets power from lead-acid batteries that give it a range of about 150 Km and a top speed of 90 Km/h.

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The Dark Side:

In an effort to lower the cost of the car, Florian aims to power the car with lead-acid batteries that are not as energy-efficient as their lithium counterparts. Moreover, these batteries need some routine maintenance to make them perform flawlessly. Lithium batteries on the other hand, are maintenance free and provide a better performance than lead-acid batteries.

[Thanks: Florian FOIZON]
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