Eco Cars: Mitsubishi’s PX-MiEV concept carries green features under a dull exterior

mitsubishi px miev 3

Eco Factor: Concept car designed to be powered by a hybrid gasoline/electric engine.

We have to accept that we all want concept electric cars to be stylish and have a futuristic design, however our visions of a green future car have obviously not initiated any discussions in Mitsubishi’s design room, as the company has come up with a dull-looking hybrid car for the Tokyo Motor Show.

mitsubishi px miev 1

Dubbed PX-MiEV, the vehicle carries all the rugged features of a typical SUV, which in this case is powered by a green engine. The vehicle has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that is powered by two electric motors and a 1.6L MIVEC internal combustion engine. The drivetrain is controlled by the MiEV Operating System that selects the optimum drive mode at all times.

mitsubishi px miev 2

The car is capable of running in three different modes that include an all electric mode when driving at low to medium vehicle speeds, a Series Hybrid Mode, which kicks in the IC engine to charge the onboard batteries and finally a Parallel Hybrid Mode, which uses both the electric engine and the efficient internal combustion engine for more power and high speed.

mitsubishi px miev 4

The concept is also equipped with a Regenerative Mode, which charges the onboard batteries during a long descent to store the kinetic energy and use it to charge the battery pack.

mitsubishi px miev 5

Via: Diseno-Art/AutoBlog