Eco Cars: Mercedes-Benz to develop all-electric super car

electric mercedes benz sls amg ppqwx 5965

Eco Factor: Zero-emission super car powered by electricity.

For all those in love with green cars, but don’t want to sacrifice the thrill a super car delivers for the environment, Mercedes-Benz will soon be launching an all-electric super sports car. The electric version of the company’s SLS AMG will have zero-emissions, but will still deliver the power and performance the company is known for.

The car will be powered by four electric motors, each placed near a wheel, and will have a combined output power of 392KW, which will offer a nerve-wrecking torque of 880Nm. The motors will be fueled by a 48KWh battery offering 40Ah of current. The battery can be charged via an electric outlet and will continuously be topped up via a regenerative braking system. The electric super car will be able to reach a speed of 62mph in just 4 seconds and offer a similar performance as the car gets with its 6.3-l V8 powered gasoline engine.

Via: AutoMotto