Eco Cars: Helios – Solar-powered car serves as a powerhouse when you are not driving

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Eco Factor: Solar powered car with extendable solar panel for extended energy demands.

Solar-powered car concepts are on the rise; they promise more range, higher speed and better performance. This new concept by Kim Gu-Han of Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany, dubbed the Helios off-road car, adds another dimension to solar cars – the ability to power other electronics in your house when you are not driving it.

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The car takes inspiration from none other than the animal kingdom for its extendable solar panel design. I know no one would want to drive something with a hell lot of solar panels rising above from the roof of the car, but this car does not compromise on stylish looks, as these solar panels can be folded down when you want to take it out for a drive. And when it’s sitting idle, you can simply extend the solar panels and power your home with the energy generated.

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The Dark Side:

A car with an ability to generate electricity not only for itself but also for other power hungry appliances is praiseworthy. However, a car with such solar panels will undoubtedly be for people born with deep pockets. The presumed high cost of the car can put things down a bit, but if somehow car manufacturers devise a way to keep the cost of such a car down, then we surely will call it “The Wonder Car.”

Via: Car Body Design