Eco Cars: Electric CitiZen can take Volkswagen on a green route

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Eco Factor: Car powered by a hybrid propulsion system.

Big cities today are far from being pleasant. Traffic jams, pollution and noise seem to be the requirement for any city to be called a metropolis. Recently we saw several car concepts that were powered by electricity and promised to show a world with no pollution and no traffic jams. These express cities need something much more than just battery power. VW CitiZen is one such concept that has specifically been designed for a metropolis battling with all these problems.

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The car runs on a hybrid propulsion system which carries batteries and hydrogen fuel cells as well. The wheels of this car rotate 180 degrees, so the user of this car won’t have to do much to take a u-turn. The car can be maneuvered by a joystick that can easily be used from either of the front seats.

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The Dark Side:

Like most other concepts, the design looks too futuristic for mass production. Even if such a car is actually produced it would be too expensive for a common man to afford.

Via: CarDesign