Eco Cars: Delithium – The performance of a hot rod with the emissions of a bicycle

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Eco Factor: Zero-emission car powered by electricity.

The advent of electric cars got some frowns from all those car lovers for whom performance was always rated above emissions. Electric cars, though, protect the planet from harmful GHGs but sacrifice speed and power for the same. If designer Bo Zolland is to be believed, then the next-gen electric cars will be zero-emission but their performance will not be less than the conventional hot rods of today.

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Bo has developed a new concept car that he calls Delithium. Combining function and style, this new design aims to reach speeds in excess of 280kmph with a 290KW electric motor. This electric motor will be powered by a lithium battery pack, which will generate enough power to accelerate the car from a standstill to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds. The car’s body will be made of lightweight but extremely tough materials. The car’s paddle shift gear technology will also add to fuel efficiency and driving comfort.

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The Dark Side:

Bo Zolland accepts that the car will need a gas/electric hybrid engine for long distance travel; that means the car will generate power but only for a limited time and range.

Via: SeriousWheels