Eco Cars: City Concept hydrogen fuel cell powered car is parked vertically

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Eco Factor: Concept car to run on hydrogen fuel cells.

The increase in the number of cars on the road has kept designers thinking about ways to save space, especially for parking those beasts. While some designers think that “Omniwheels” can help people park their cars in cramped spaces, designers such as Matt Bradbury have a completely different mindset. Matt has developed a car known as City Concept, which runs on hydrogen fuel cells and can be parked tails up. While vertical parking is not something a normal car owner would like, taking the lightweight body and the protruding wheels of the City Concept into consideration, it doesn’t look to be a weird thought.

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The Dark Side:

The City Concept will not only make the driver feel that he’s traveling in a glass tube, but will also need special parking lots that can tilt the car and park it vertically in a place similar to a wardrobe.

Via: AutoMotto